Grass Static lighting

Hi, I’ve been working on trying to get realistic lawn grass for the past couple of days and this is what I managed to come up with the problem is it wont render in static lighting the screenshot is how it looks with dynamic lighting I’ve tried previously with a game grass I made to render in static lighting and same thing, but it wasn’t a big issue before now I need static lighting for realistic interior lighting at the same time as exterior which of course you need static lighting for that quality, the grass is flat vertical planes with a grass texture applied and colour variation in the material. When build the lighting the level builds everything builds fine except the grass it doesn’t even build whatsoever no black marks just nothing, any ideas? I’ve heard people say grass cant have baked lighting or dense grass such as this not sure what to do.

You need a lot of ram to bake dense grass like that.

I have 32gb of ram.

Just commenting to say it does look great with dynamic lighting!

That grass looks AMAZING! Any chance you could share with us how you accomplished that?

Thanks Osok and PabloCo, im still working on it, I got it a lot better since. I will definatly share how i made the grass after its finished, testing static lighting still trying to get a realistic dense grass to bake in static lighting…

Lawn grass… Interior and exterior in same time… These are really hard goals with realistic looking. I’m following you and waiting your post. I hope you achieve what you want and share your results.

No doubt, thanks. I am already very close to achieving photorealism interior and exterior at the same time in ue4 hopefully if I make enough time for this project I can finish it in a month or so, I will update on the forums then. Also I checked out your YouTube very nice work!

Put it on the marketplace ASAP Bro :smiley:

I don’t think you can get lightmaps with enough resolution for the grass to properly self shadow. For such small and intricate shadows, look at 4.14 and its new contact shadows feature.

I don’t even think you need shadows for dense grass like that. Unless you’ll be doing ultra high res close up shots, I see no point. It looks good as-is right now.
Really short grass in real life don’t even really produce shadows, especially when the blades are a bit translucent and let the light pass through.