Grass Spawn

Hi guys, I was wondering if someone could help me, I’m fairly new to the unreal engine and for a few weeks now been playing around with creating my own landscape, My problem is when using foliage grass that has a wind effect on it (from the Open World Demo Pack) when i walk towards it i can see the grass but when i get just a little closer its like half the foliage grass spawns in, and if i move back and forward half of the grass spawns in and out at the exact same distance i’m at, which is not far at all… I have taking a few screenshots of my details and the grass spawning in a out,


Any help would be appreciated thanks.

Screenshot? There is no screenshot. Anyway. You can open the grass model in the Editor and can Change the viewdistance if there is lod activated.
Another way is to set the draw distance in the foliage tab. You can set when the foliage should disapear.