Grass on Terrain - Blueprint


I am trying to build my own grass system in the Blueprint System. Has anyone a hint how I am able to let the gras spawn (or appear) on specific height of the terrain? (Maybe without using a heightmap or realtime import of the terrain heightmap, but I don’t know if this is possible).

Or, is it possible to use the terrain vegetation tool to spawn blueprint grass and not only a static mesh? (I would prefer this)


To get something to spawn on top of the terrain, just line trace to the terrain, get hit result, get hit location, and then use that for your spawn transform.

For Grass, use an Instance of a static mesh. You can probably manually place grass using the foliage tool, but I am not sure if you can use that tool procedurally with script if that is what you are after.


No, I don’t think the foliage tool can be used this way and I really don’t want to place it all one by one … I guess I have to find another way, but thanks anyway!