Grass not rendered - bug with dithered lod transition?

I’m not sure if it is a bug or a feature xD, but when dithered lod transition is activated on the material of a Landscape Grass Type the meshes wont be rendered in UE4.22.

How to reproduce it:
1: create landscape
2: create a material for the grass and activate dithered lod transition
3: assign that material to the grass mesh
4: create a Landscape Grass Type
5: assign the grass mesh to the Landscape Grass Type
6: create a landscape material and add a grass output
7: assign the LAndscape Grass Type to the grass output

activate and deactivate the dithered lod transition in the material of the grass, you will see, the grass is not rendered when it is activated.

I made small example project: try it there

Is there something I have not seen it in the documentation? Is it wrong to use dithered lod transation for grass?
This problem is just in UE4.22.
Please help me :wink:

Video of the Problem:

I am having the same problem here.

Which hardware do you have, currently I’m writing Jeremy from Epic and for him it works.

My system:
i7 7700k;
32GB DDR4;
GTX 1070;

Ah okay thanks, do you took a look into the video? Is it the exact same problem? Are you able to upload a video too?

I7 16G ; Gtx 980

Yes same problem than in you video, it took me a few hours to figure out where it came from. But yes it is with dithered on any mesh apply with the grass tool will disapered.

Got a mail from Epic. It seems to be a bug in 4.22. Should be fixed with the next release.

I have exactly the same problem. Only seems to happen on landscape grass layers. Took a while to find out what the cause was. I will re-enable dithered LOD when the update is available.
System spec are i7 with 24GB Ram,Geforce GTX 1070;

I thought “the next release” would be 4.22.1 but it’s still bugged :frowning:
now it’s not completely invisible but partially

Same here … the error is still there

Experiencing the same issue (4.22.3). Please fix this soon, Epic! It is nice to know that there is at least a fix, in the interim–un-checking “Dithered LOD Transition” in the material.