grass growing


I have made grass with blueprints. After player collide grass blueprint it destroyed. But know I want that for example 5minutes after destroying grass is again spawning. How that can be done? Do I need use target points or some other stuff in grass blueprint

Here is screenshot about when colliding grass it spawn shorter, but want that spawnactor grass2 after that about 10-15 seconds it spawns again original grass3


Don’t destroy the grass, but make it look like it was destroyed. Set a timer in the blueprint that reverses whatever you did to mimic that destruction.

yes thanks. Do i have to replace hole destroy actor for that set timer system??

Right after the ‘Delay’ node, remove the spawn BP from class. Instead set the static mesh of the grass to Not Visible, and the collision on the box to none.
After those nodes, use a ‘Set Timer by Event’ node for X amount of seconds, and then reverse the Visibility and the Collision from above.

If you haven’t used timers yet, it would look like this:

(From Google)