Grass breaks on large maps with World Partition enabled

I’ve made a landscape material that spawns some grass, and it works fine with either world partition disabled, or world partition enabled but a small map. Once I use the largest map settings listed here: Landscape Technical Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation the grass starts spawning mid air:

I have a minimal project that exhibits this behaviour, I can upload it if someone could take a look at it.

Many thanks

I have the absolute same problem after

  1. Converting my old World Composition map
  2. Recreating my Map in UE5 with imported tiles

It randomly breaks, some “tiles” dont have any grass, half of them have grass along invisible walls between tiles - and sometimes grass seems to get a random Z value, leading to a carpet of grass in mid-air at a random height. This isnt even the worst problem. While playing, loading new “tiles” creates tons of microfreezes (even with 0 actors on it), sometimes up to .5s. That was not the case with world composition, or at least never to that extend (while using WAY bigger tiles).

From this and many more points of view UE5 is utterly unusable as “gaming engine”. Whenever they change anything, they make it worse by a mile. Be it chaos, the UI, navigation or important things like World Composition->Partition. It never works as expected, the documentation is a laughing stock and it takes years for “workarounds” which leave a more sour taste than the greenest apple in the guinness book of world records.

I already know that i can throw all my maps away now. There is no way they will ever properly convert without redoing them from scratch. So our team now essentially needs to wait for the final UE5 release (+3 hotfixes) to continue, what a place to be in.

Why is a team building real projects with an unfinished, early access release…that would be my question :'D That sounds like a poor management/direction issue, not a problem with epic games lmao

Grass is broken AF though. Even on un-partitioned landscapes, procedural grass often does not load correctly on all segments of a landscape.

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We will have to migrate to UE5 at one point (like any game studio, Intrepid Studios with Ashes of Creation being just one example), so we started migrating content in a seperate branch next to regular devopment.