Grass - Because there was none

So after days of searching for grass I finally gave up and made my own. I used speedtree to make this. Its not the first nor will it be the last version but at least I like the way it looks with minimal impact on epic settings. I’ve included the uassets needed to get this to work in your project.

Nice! Thx for sharing :slight_smile:

Btw, here are some more free grass meshes:

I’ve tried using the mats in that post but i failed miserably :(. Had so many issues with importing.

I forgot to mention that the grass does include wind animation that is activated by the wind actor. No idle wind.

Cool! Thanks!

Subscribed to this thread, plenty of 3D projects need grass, so it’s always good to be able to point users toward examples and/or premade content.


Hmm, strange. I will go and check what could be wrong :slight_smile:

Thank you for this!

Does license allow you to disrtibute things made in SpeedTree and give them to people that could use them in their commercial projects ?
For example if you give grass or trees made with SpeedTree, people could use them commercialy.

Actually no it does not that is a good point, I am not positive when it comes to free assets but if they are for sale you need to apply for a secondary licence, more info here:

For the time being I am going to remove the link from his post above, @DestructDez1 please check your PM’s for more info.

Thanks Galeon! :slight_smile: