Grappling Hook Physics Constrains ?

Hi, I’m adding physics constrains to character blueprint. When I’m simulating in blueprint everything is fine character is swinging. But after i start playing a game character starts to rotate very fast not like in simulation mode .Any idea how to fix it ?

It looks as if your character, under pawn, has ‘Use Controller Rotation Yaw’ – however, grappling hook is rotating the character too, so the two start ‘fighting’ over the correct yaw.

Try and disable Use Controller Rotation Yaw while hooked…?

Thank, you for help:)
I’ll post thinks To DO in this threat so everything will be more organized:
-Shot grappling hook (it’s obvious:))
-when pressed key pull to shot location and only there !!! Character shouldn’t go any further

  • when pull key is relised character should move current with physics constrains
    -optionaly push character should longer the grappling hook line also with physics constrains.

Help will be needed in any of this issues. Thanks

When I press Space key and hit location is on I can go to shot location but after that character with pressed space goes further from shot location I want to go only to that location what should I do ??? Video in this link

Next Step complited but still don’t know how to setup constrains properly???