Grappling hook arena shooter for VR - Grapple Tournament

Grapple Tournament is a Virtual Reality Multiplayer Arcade Shooter for adrenaline-packed vertical combat where players can enjoy 3D movement freedom with their grappling hooks and dual wield multifunctional weapons.

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Soon to be released for Oculus Quest and Viveport


Built from the ground up for virtual reality, Grapple Tournament is a thrilling VR arcade shooter where you can enjoy movement freedom using your 3D maneuver abilities and your grappling hook while fighting with a wide variety of multifunctional weapons (even dual wielding) in various multiplayer game modes and co-op challenges through an alluring stylized world.

Grapple. Shoot. Score. Master the vertical combat.

Run, jump and double jump to get yourself into position, wall jump to evade incoming harm, pull yourself up with the grappling hook to get the high ground or grapple-swing around corners to surprise your enemies. Learn how to chain these abilities with your 3D maneuvering gear to perform untraceable movement combos and outsmart your enemies like never before in a VR game! Maps are specifically designed with vertically in mind to get the most out of it.

More than 12 weapons eagerly await to get into battle under your command. From the common mechanical guns through the plasma pistols to the energy rifles, single-fire or automatic, instant shot or projectile based, you can have everything.

Target-following laser? Shotguns and grenade launchers? You got them. Rockets? Let them rain! Your VR dream is to become a turret with massive firepower? Go with dual miniguns! Double handed weapons have both primary and secondary fire modes letting you choose the perfect reaction for any situation. By the way you always have your melee weapon - the energy blade - on your side and you can also summon an energy bow and shoot an arrow any time. Use the grappling hook with a weapon or dual wield any weapon combination. Mobility versus firepower. Your call.

Multiplayer is the heart of the Tournament. Starting individually or with your friends, matchmaking will find you worthy opponents and let you fight in various game modes on engaging, stylized maps which were created with verticality in mind. The currently available game modes are: Free For All, Team Deathmatch and Capture Point.

During multiplayer you will visit a plethora of carefully crafted arenas, both outdoors and closed space maps for your all-terrain grapple experience. From sci-fi factories through cave excavations to Japanese temples or Greek monuments and more. You’ll certainly find some maps to your liking.

Bots and dedicated servers are both available.

Yeah, we have this too for 3D training purposes. With drones… with hats. You can try all the weapons in sandbox mode here.
Last but not least, customize your character to your liking with crazy hats and accessories.




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What do you think about the game?

Here’s the first map trailer for the Greek themed “Parthenon” arena. On this map players can grappling hook around the gameplay area.

The game looks dope as heck! Very nicely done, I have seen grappling hook mods for unreal tournament in the past, but this is a unique style for a standalone game. Also, two guns shooting at two different directions is something I always wanted to do in a game.

Here’s the next map trailer for the abandoned junkyard/cargo themed “Container”. This map is made to bring players up to the speed of the game with classic horizontal map design (only one layer of verticality).

Hello guys,

In this video you can check out Hydroponics, a plant laboratory where crops are grown by using only water based solutions. There was an accident near the rocket launcher so plants gone wild there. We tried to focus on vertical unpredictability for this map.


Hello guys,

Since release we are constantly updating Grapple Tournament. Here are some highlights.

Update 1 has added the Plasma Sword to be used in multiplayer along with matchmaking improvements.
Update 2 has brought the “play while you wait for matchmaking” and an improved tutorial
Update 3 has refined Valve Index controls and made the frying pan available to hit each other in multiplayer.

We have a lot more coming for the game, that’s for sure!

If you are interested, make sure you join the conversation on the official Discord server!

Hi everyone,

Grapple Tournament Update 4 just went live and brought you:

  • Private Lobby party match
  • Cyberpunk accessories
  • More weapon animations especially for the two-handed guns
  • Grenade Pistol rework

If you are interested check out the game on Steam or join the conversation on the official Discord server!



Hi folks,

Grapple Tournament is ON SALE on Steam!

What is more the Winter Holidays update is live and brought you:

  • Winter and Holidays customizations
  • Winter and Holidays decorations for all maps
  • Candy Cane melee weapon
  • Snowball Pistol (Grenade Pistol skin)
  • “Santa’s Blessings” (Laser Beamer skin)
  • New Weapon Spawner model and effects
  • New Teleporter model and effects

Join the conversation on the official Discord.

We wish you happy holidays!
Grapple Tournament Team

Hi everyone,

Grapple Tournament Update 6 is live.


  • Added a few new customizations


  • Removed winter holidays decorations
  • Optimized materials and art on all level
  • Optimized gameplay and network code
  • Changed level-boundary grid to be more subtle
  • Faster score accumulating in Point Capture game mode

Check out the game on Steam or join the conversation on the official Discord server!


Grapple Tournament VR Update 7 is live, bringing the long awaited new map Zion as well as quality of life improvements including late joining ongoing matches of friends or (private) party. Furthermore the game is ON SALE on Steam!


  • Added Zion (map)
  • Jump pad graphics overhaul
  • Join your friends or party’s match with the Social/Party/Join Match button
  • Invite friends to your party to join an in-progress game
  • Added a new customization accessories


  • Changed pickups’ effects for better visibility
  • Gameplay optimizations (bow, weapon spawns, pickups, minigun)
  • Railgun and Revolver have been rebalanced


  • Fixed shadows on Hydroponics
  • Fixed Plasma Sword graphics
  • Fixed sound and voice volume options
  • Fixed game breaking collider issues on Temple and Hydroponics
  • Removed unused input events

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Grapple Tournament VR Early Access is out now on the Oculus Rift Store!

It is cross-play with Steam VR.


A lot of you have been asking for bots in multiplayer, here they are in Update 8!


  • Added support for bots in multiplayer matches
  • Players can vote to add bots (difficulty can be selected)
  • Bots may fill in in matches where there are not enough players
  • Bots can be summoned in private matches too


  • Increased self-damage by explosions
  • Optimized impact effects for weapons projectiles
  • Added more health and shield in Zion


  • Fixed bot naming to be incremental
  • Fixed several graphical issues and collisions on Zion
  • Fixed several gameplay issues on Zion
  • Fixed sounds volume option

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Get ready Champions!

Update 9 brings you refined controller haptic feedback and native bHaptics integration to get you immersed in Grapple Tournament like never before!


  • Native bHaptics integration for most of the game events
  • Added/improved controller haptic effects


  • Added superhero launch on climbing up
  • Added virtual borders for map Container
  • Tutorial texts improvements
  • Bots are differentiated on scoreboard UI


  • Zion map collider and graphical fixes
  • No self death indicator on death

Join the conversation on the official Discord.;base64

Happy Easter, Champions!

We’ve prepared Update 10 to bring you seasonal customizations and community chosen bot names!


  • Easter customization items


  • Community chosen bot names activated
  • Optimizations on the graphics side (weapons, levels and effects)

Join the conversation on the official Discord.

Greetings, Champions!

As we progress with the Oculus Quest development of Grapple Tournament, the PC versions of the game also benefit from the optimizations. The game runs smoother than ever in Update 11!


  • Added damage multiplier for bots based on difficulty settings
  • Railgun crosshair changed, damage slightly increased
  • Changed plants on Container and Hydroponics maps for better looking versions
  • New and optimized incoming damage indicator
  • Minor tutorial improvements
  • Changed player hitbox to slightly bigger


  • Fixed snap turning in some cases where lag prevented it


  • Optimized graphics on all multiplayer levels
  • Optimized graphics on all weapons and pickups
  • Optimized graphics on all character models
  • Optimized drone graphics in Practice Range
  • Optimized all post process effects on player

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Greetings, Champions!

Update 12 is here!

Your feedback during the development of Grapple Tournament is more than valuable for us so we would like to involve you even more where we can.

Rig - the new map we’ve been working on - has reached its alpha stage. We immediately thought that this is the best time to reveal it and let you play on it so you can help shaping it to become more fun.

Please note, that the bots are still getting to know the map so they aren’t functioning very well on it.

Let’s grab the update, play on the alpha version of Rig and tell us about your experience!


  • Rig alpha added to the game


  • Fixed colliders on Spiral

Join the conversation on the official Discord.

Greetings, Champions!

Your comfort is top priority for us!
Update 13 is here and with it we bring you several new features to make your grappling hook experience more fluid and easy to play! So sit comfortably and let’s get this match started!


  • Added seated mode (or child mode). To activate this:
  1. Open Options/ Game tab
  2. Set your height
  3. Sit comfortably
  4. Press [Calibrate]. As a result the world will offset to your desired height.
  • Gripping improvements: Gripping activates in longer range (don’t have to place hand inside weapon)
  • Climbing improvements: Climbing is activated also when the hand is inside the wall
  • Comfort mode (tunneling vignette) can be switched on for vertical and horizontal movement separately


  • Wall jumping disabled when climbing
  • Crouch walk speed increased, and now can walk off ledges when crouching
  • Bots got a “BOT” prefix in their name to better identify them
  • Pause menu follows head more comfortably and independent from height
  • Changed trace radius (aim helping) design for hitscan weapons
  • New model for the teleporter exit


  • Fixed player height option display
  • Fixed arrow to be visible to others too
  • Fixed orientation of character animations
  • Fixed flaming effect on drones in the Practice Range
  • Fixed dry fire sound to only play on trigger pull
  • Fixed hiding bHaptics Android UI on desktop version
  • Fixed ammo count display when regripping a dropped weapon
  • Added lag compensation for multiple players gripping the same object at the same time
  • Added lag compensation for same player gripping multiple object at the same time
  • Added lag compensation for same player gripping and grappling hook pulling objects at the same time
  • Fixed crouching state going below ground


  • Optimized the models of melee and shooter weapons
  • Optimized characters and hands models
  • Optimized character animations
  • Optimized pickups
  • Optimized ingame UI elements

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