GrappleHook with Blueprint

Hello, I am pretty new at UE4, got some basics down (setting up camera in BluePrint and making plattforms move and such), but now i wanted to learn somthing I honestly dont know where to begin with.

I want to create a grappling hook, that will be able to “hook” on to special items in my level. And then use the Backward/Forward movement to “Gain” momentum and be able to “Slide up and down” on the rope.

I guess i gotha use Raytracing to measure if the object is to far away or if the “Rope” will hit, and if it hits start the animation with a “Delay” on from button is pressed to animation done before its sticks. but getting this into a “BluePrint” is the hard part, as a total greenhorn, I realy need some guidence or a push in the right direction to get this going. This is the “key” part of my game mechanic, so its kinda realy important to me.

thanks to everyone who even tries to help me out on this one :slight_smile:

Check out this Wiki tutorial, this thread and also this video tutorial!

Thanks alot, I tried the Wiki one, but kinda lost track, so am watching the video tut, but how hard would it be to use that system in a “3d sidescroller” (would my char all of a sudden swing into the backgournd)?

I’d say that forum thread that was linked above would be pretty helpful for you since you’re talking about a 3D sidescroller… As for if your character would swing into the bg… that’s up to you! I’d assume you’d ‘lock the z axis’ so to speak, and worry about 2 dimensions with a fixed 3rd.

You may need to just do more within blueprints and come back to the idea if these tutorials are losing you.