Grapple Component (Advanced Character Interaction)

Hellow everybody

I would like to take this opportunity to present a project I have just released on the Marketplace: the Grapple Component.

promotion banner.jpg

The Grapple Component is used to create sequences where different characters are interacting. These interactions can assume any form, for example throws, finishing moves, revive animations or other cinematic sequences. During these interations, characters play synchronized animations and provide other player feedback. Grapple Sequences can also influence gameplay, for example by repositioning characters, changing movement capabilities or applying damage. The Grapple Component also supports multiplayer projects.

This functionality is built entirely in Blueprint and provides a high amount of customizability to users.

Get the Grapple Component now on the Marketplace](Grapple Component in Blueprints - UE Marketplace)!

Watch a video of the content examples here](Grapple Component - Content Examples - YouTube).
Read the documentation
Any questions, remarks or suggestions you might have can be posted in this thread or sent over to [EMAIL=“”]*.*

Kind regards
Jon Van Dam