Graphics Tablet on Mac. Your Favorite Choices?

I’ve been using an old INTUOS 3 Wacom that isn’t getting the job done for me. Running a Mac Pro trashcan, entry level with 64 GB of ram. Lots of SSD’s and 2 large monitors. Sculpting, painting, etc. I can afford up to about $500.

What is the issue you’re having? Maybe you just need to replace it with the latest model

Doesn’t sound like he got a problem, but is looking for suggestions on good digitizer tablets.

Just updated to Sierra. Not supported. Looks like I need to buy a newer model. Anyone using a higher end tab? Like one of the Cintiq knockoffs?

It might require an update from Wacom then, or something is wrong with your system that’s prevent it from working properly.
You’d probably want to upgrade anyway, they’re generally improved and there’s stuff like wireless.
Avoid the Chinese stuff, they’re terrible.

Thanks for the tip. Found newer drivers. I’m wanting to use the pen for landscape sculpting and modeling; is there a pressure sensitive setting in the editor anywhere? Or a plugin I should have?

Upgrade a while back, looked at some of the Chinese knockoffs which I think are actually decent value (i.e. not as good as Wacom but significantly cheaper). In the end paid the extra for the Cintiq 13HD. Only a little out of your price range but having the screen to draw on makes a massive difference.