Graphics settings have different results in editor and packaged game


I’m having a strange issue where the graphics are different in the editor than in the packaged game. As an example, when I choose ‘HIGH’ graphics settings in the packaged game, the mesh/texture gets scaled down too aggressively. This does not happen in the editor and only happens in the packaged game.

HIGH settings in Editor/PIE

HIGH settings in Packaged Game

I have only had this issue once upgrading to 4.21.2. Do you guys have any idea what might be causing this issue?

Thanks in advance,

You can check in mesh settings if you have texture set to Normal (Check all lods) (Lower settings may cause this - Workarround may be to change that to for eg: High but it’s doesn’t seem to be best idea).

Thanks Przemek - but any idea why it works correctly in the Editor and doesn’t in the packaged game?

I recommend setting the graphics through the console command blueprint nodes when you load up a map.