Graphics Programmer required for renderer modifications

Hi all,

I’m putting feelers out for graphics / rendering programmers who might be able to help me out. I run Stormtide Games and need an engine feature for a new game I’m working on. I have a bit of cash available, but bear in mind this is a feature that will be used both in our game and will later be given to the community if possible.

Essentially, I need to be able to fill the GBuffer from multiple cameras based on a mask or some description. This is to replace a render target method I’m using right now. See Here, Here, Here and Here for more information.

I have an understanding of how to do this but not the know-how. The Render Target method is inefficient because we render a screen-resolutions worth of redundant pixels, and RT’s do not benefit from motion blur or temporal AA (I understand there will be artefacts using another method).

If this sounds like something you can do, PM me and we’ll talk! There may likely be more work available in the future too.

Kind Regards,

  • TJ