Graphics glitch in my editor

Hello everyone! I recently bought a new pc and it came with a big problem.
As shown in this video
Youtube link

Every 15 minutes with the engine open, UE4 basically stops working properly on my computer. No dropdown menu appears when I click and apparently my video card as a whole is affected. The youtube videos keep playing but now no video, just sound. In fact, any video that I try to play on my PC, is just black.
As soon as I close the Engine, everything goes back to normal. Until another 15 minutes and everything breaks again.

My games all work smoothly when I’ve been playing for a long time. I only have problems with UE4.

My pc Specs:
Graphics: Gtx 1660 super
proc: i31010f
Ram: 8Gb

Probably the driver:

Also, before trying an old driver, do double check how the most recent one behaves; some folks report it works better:

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Yeah I dont have errors with my graphics

My version is
I have to update it but my graphics are OK

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Hey @Everynone! Thank you very much! Running mpo_disable.reg solved the problem for me. Thank you for sending me in the right direction. I was having trouble finding other people with this related problem

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Happy to help