Graphics card not being used in Editor

I just recently installed a new graphics card (EVGA GTX 1060 6GB) and all the games I’ve tried run perfectly fine with no hitches or stuttering (DOOM, Witcher 3, etc). But as soon as I load into Unreal Engine, the menus lag like crazy and playing my game runs it at 6 FPS on all low settings. My GPU usage sits at around 6-14% from idle to when I click play. The graphics card is not overheating, it sits at 40 C the whole time. My other graphics card was working fine with UE4 just a couple days ago (GTX 760).

My CPU is a i5 3570k and I have 8GB of RAM.

I uninstalled drivers before I installed the card and downloaded the latest ones immediately after.

Thank you for any help with my problem.

Okay, update, it would seem that EVGA Precision X OC (The fan monitoring, on screen display and overlocking utility) causes the framerate/gpu usage issue, and shutting it down fixes the problem. Still unsure why. If anyone else has this issue, try to turn off stuff like MSI Afterburner RivaTuner Statistics server, Asus GPU Tweak as it seems to interfere with something.