Graphics card for MacBook Pro users

Hi all!

I’m working on some Unreal environments on my MacBook Pro, and in order to use my AMD Radeon Pro 5500M I installed windows boot camp. However, I found that the AMD ProRender drivers are not compatible with the latest builds of Unreal engine. So I’m now considering buying an external graphics card.

What would you guys recommend as a good option for working Archviz projects on a MacBook Pro, with windows boot camp installed? I will need an eGPU enclosure, and ideally an Nvidia graphics card with drivers that work on the latest build of Unreal engine.

My budget is £500 - £1000, and that should include the eGPU enclosure.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can offer.


I would recommend something with a lot of RAM, but the current graphics card scarcity is super frustrating. A RTX 3070 might normally fit in your budget, but because of scalpers and scarcity, it’s now way outside your budget. Even the old and decidedly medium end GTX 1660 Ti now costs $700+.

I have had success with the Razer external enclosures, as have colleagues.

Honestly, anyone needing to buy just a graphics card these days, is kinda screwed :frowning: Might as well buy a brand new system with a built-in graphics card :frowning: Again, I have had good experience with Razers, except you can’t get them with enough RAM other than their super-expensive variants.

Thanks for the response @jwatte ! The RTX 3070 looks great. I wonder when they might be readily available to buy again?

So would you say one of those and a GTX 1660 Ti would be the best bet for my MacBook Pro on Boot Camp?

I’d rather avoid buying an entirely new system as I spent a lot maxing out my MBP with 4TB SSD and other juicy upgrades. I don’t mind waiting a few weeks on the RTX 3070. If the wait is likely to be many months, then I’d have to reconsider…