Graphics card for gaming and unreal engine?

I’m looking to add a new graphics card to my Mac Pro for use in unreal engine.

I’ve recently upgraded my system.
Initially, I bought the computer for music production, which is considerably less power Hungary, but I needed extra processing power to utilise large orchestral sample libraries that relied heavily on CPU speed and RAM capacity to run efficiently.
The Mac Pro model I started off with was the 2009, 2.66ghz quad core model.
After upgrading the firmware from 4.1 to 5.1, and adding a new processor, I’m now running - unofficially - a 5.1 system (2010 to 2012) and a 3.33ghz W3680 Xeon six core processor, with 16GB of ram.

I’ve had various versions of unreal engine on the machine since I bought it, and have been playing around with game engines and also autodesk animation software for years, but have never had enough power on the GPU to be able to run these softwares efficiently.

So with the extra power in Both RAM and CPU I’ve added in the last month, I thought now might be a good time to actually get into this more seriously.

I was wondering what sort of cards people are using to run the engine efficiently, and also for playing games to a decent level.
I don’t really have a budget, I just really want to see what sort of cards people are using, and then base a purchase on that.

Of course, I’m on an older 2012 era Mac Pro too, so I’m not sure what cards will be supported or what modifications might be needed in order to get them to work. (I’ve heard of people needing to remove one or two hard drives from the computer in order to garner enough power from the PSU to run the card, so I’m not sure yet until I do more research on what I’ll run into in that regard)

Thanks very much!

I think the old Mac Pro only has a handful of other GPU’s that are compatible. I think I remember a Mac version of the GTX 580, I’m not sure

Really? I thought drivers were available for PC Cards on the Mac now.