Graphics card crashed or D3D removed crash constantly

You mean this one?

Unfortunately for me it did not work…

I can confirm it didn’t for me either.

So it seems that (so far) creating a new project in the latest version is working better. I think I’ve seen the error once or twice but so far not nearly as freaquent. There are a couple things different I haven’t done yet

  • used any large body water tools. Just the river

  • imported any 3D models from other software

I’ll continue to monitor if it’s still working better. Not that I want to start over again but it was mostly a test project Anyway to learn in.

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Hello, I was able to solve the problem by uninstalling Nvidia Studio and installing Nvidia game ready.
I used it for 3 hours straight and I didn’t have that problem for now.
I hope it helps you.

A couple of days back, I have the same problem, I will also try your replies.