Graphic Designer looking to collaborate with a 3D Environment Artist for a portfolio piece

Hey there!

I’m a graphic designer/2D artist working in the game industry. Unfortunately because of my company’s strict NDA I can’t actually show the stuff I work on in my portfolio (shops signs/packaging design for props, that kind of thing) even after release. Because of this I basically have nothing in my portfolio that shows the kind of thing I’ve been specialising in for the past 4 years and I’m looking to rectify that.

So if any environment artists out there are working on a coffee shop or something else 2D heavy like that and need some graphic design to help your building feel that little bit more real, please feel free to hit me up! I would love to make some assets for you so we can both get a cool collaborative piece in our portfolios!

This is the kind if thing I do for context (link is to the awesome 2D/UI portfolio of Faye Kime of Dambusters, just an example of the sort of thing I do, not my work)

I should probably clarify as well that it would have to be purely for a portfolio piece and not used in an actual game as it’s also against my contract to contribute to any other games.

Thanks very much for reading!