Graphic Designer for logo

Hey wonderful Unreal community,

We are looking for a talented graphic designer to create a logo for our first person/third person shooter. Below is a link to our IndieDB page to give you an understanding of what it looks like and the feel.


Our place holder logo at the moment

We’re going for a NFL, E-Sports style for the logo, below are some really good references. So a sort of badge in the back with the name BMUD and a silhouette of a fat guy on the brink of exploding.


We’d like the overall layout to be like this NFL badge logo with BMUD where it says football: NFL LOGO

Also, drawing inspiration from this Jaguars Logo. Where it says Jaguars we’d like BMUD to go there with that same sort of stretched upwards box with the same outline: JAGUAR LOGO

In the centre it would be great to have a silhouette of our main character “Tag” on the brink of explosion like so: SILHOUETTE

Our Main character: Tag

Finally, it would be great to have the silhouette of the exploding main character Tag and other characters in the back aiming at each other like this futuristic tournament style: Image

Online dedicated server play
First person / Third person camera
Physics as game-play mechanics

Team Name:
RIE Studios

Team Structure:
Shan - 3D Generalist / Co-Designer / Texture Artist
Tarik - 3D Generalist / Co-Designer / Producer
Mickael - Lead Programmer
Pedro - Lead 3D Character Artist / Texture Artist
Jay – Co-Producer

Previous Work:
Komodo Crunchtime (Android)

List of previous projects by the team as a whole, by you or other team members of note.
If this is the first thing you’ve done, say so.

Talent Required:
Graphic Designer
Including source files on completion

Half on start and half on completion.


Team Website:

Skype: tbensaria

Thanks guys,