Graphic Card

Hi everyone

Im willing to build a game development team so i need some suggestions about the graphic card the games we will build will be open world and AAA quality games so basically just modern games but for now i need to get a great pc that i can build up stuff without low fps or slow performance.For now my current PC specs are:

MB: AsRock B450 Pro4
CPU: Amd 5 3600
Ram:HyperX Predator (16gb) 2x8gb ddr4 3200mhz CL16 later will upgrade on (32gb)
HDD: 500gb ( will upgrade on 1tb m2 ssd and 2tb sata ssd plus a 2tb normal hdd for assets and stuff as backup.
GPU: nvidia gtx 9800gt 512mb (ik it sucks but will upgrade).
Monitor: AOC G2460f 24” Gaming monitor,FreeSync,FHD (1920x1080), TN Panel, 144Hz,1ms, Height Adjustable, DisplayPort,HDMI,USB

What do you think about this build and please suggest me a great gpu not extremely expensive for game development.

For 1080p gaming I would recommend something like an GTX 1660 Ti, which will be under $250. For an extra $100 you could pick up a 2060 if you want to play with ray tracing or get that extra 10-20% performance or so.

My GTX 960 4gb version is dead. RIP. :frowning: Tomorrow I will try to fix it… but I think I will need to buy another one…

Question: will an AMD card work for UE4 development? Here AMD prices are lower.
My game is almost ready, but I need to work a litte more before sell the game. The GTX 960 4GB was really doing the job very well. In my country the used GPUs prices are too high, sometimes the same price of new ones, so I will buy a brand new.

I was thinking about RX 570 or 580. I know this cards are better than my GTX 960 on games, but will them be good for Unreal?