Graphic card driver keep crashing

Hello there,

I tried to found a “support” or “technical problem” section but i didn’t find it so I post my problem here.

I’m working on a project at my school and wanted to work on it on my own this week end but my graphic card driver keep crashing 2-5 minutes after launching the project.

Here’s my configuration : (developing on unreal 4.9.2)


I already tried to reinstall unreal, and to install an older driver from my graphic card, but it didn’t work.

Thanks for your help.

Try using DDU “Display Driver Uninstaller” and then try installing the driver again.

I tried DDU and it didn’t work. thanks anyway

After some tests it seems that the driver crash more easily with high graphic settings.
I am able to crash the driver with some games with ultre settings too.

The problem may come from my graphic card and not specifically from unreal.

Overheat perhaps?

I don’t think so, I oppened My PC to see and the card seems normal.
It goes very quick, if i turn on my computer and goes directly into unreal it can crash in one minute, just while loading a map, when it appears on the viewport.

How could i diagnose the overheat ? or an other problem

You will need to know the max temp for yout GPU and a hardware monitor(such as Open hardware monitor)

You could also try to start UE4 with another API (for example -openGL) and look if this “solves” the problem. Knowing if it does would help us finding a viable solution.