Graphic card driver crashes

Hello there,

I tried to found a “support” or “technical problem” section but i didn’t find it so I post my problem here.

I’m working on a project at my school and wanted to work on it on my own this week end but my graphic card driver keep crashing 2-5 minutes after launching the project.

Here’s my configuration : (developing on unreal 4.9.2)
i7 4770K 3.5Ghz
8Go Ram
windows 8.1

I already tried to reinstall unreal, and to install an older driver from my graphic card, but it didn’t work.
It crashes only on my PC and only on this project (i tryed 2/3 others with no crashes)

Thanks for your help.

Hi Ihsoy,

What driver version are you on? Some of Nvidia’s latest drivers have been a little troublesome. It could be worth reverting to an older driver for the time being.


I’m on the last version of the driver but i tried with old ones too.

I made some complementary tests and it seems that my card is overheating, not only with unreal but with some games too.

I already found some tips but thanks for your help anyway.