Graphic Bug

i am more accustomed to UE3 and i am having a very unique problem which i cannot solve. The graphics used in level creation are either perfect which only occurs when using a sample game or terrible on some sample games and when creating a new level.

I would suggest you post screenshots to better illustrate your issue, and maybe explain exactly what you mean by perfect and terrible.

Ok let me try to explain in more detail. with these two the edges arent smooth and realistic it is pixelated.

with this one it all seems to be ok, one u click it it shows clearer it looks better when shrunk basically.

i am wondering if there is a setting that causes mine to be zoomed or that is just how it is on UE4

In the toolbar u should see the gear icon “Settings”. Click on that and look for Engine Scalability, then set everything to High or Epic, and that should improve your visuals.