Graphic bug on UE5 basic template


I just installed ue5 and started a third person project.
When I play the template (regular unmodified template, absolutly basic version) the character is subject to flickering spikes as in the gif below.


Changing the material or using the male mannequin doesn’t affect the problem. If I add unanimated mannequins to the scene, they are subject to the same problem.

Nvidia drivers are up to date, card is a geforceRTX3080. Problems happens with both game and studio drivers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !

Hi Jerome,

I’m going to have to hit you with the “I don’t see this on my PC”

My thought is that something might be physically wrong with your GPU

Do you see these artifacts in the Skeletal Mesh viewer?

Do you also see artifacting with all the skeletal meshes in 5.0 Content Examples → AnimationRetargeting map?

Thanks for taking time to answer.

I am afraid you are right… I can’t check the skeletal mesh viewer right now, but I did check on another computer - and it works fine.

any idea how to check the physicla integrity of the GPU… ?

Hm, you might need a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering to check the integrity. :wink:

Maybe try removing the GPU then plugging it back in.

I also wonder if you’re seeing artifacts in publicly released UE5 games. ( Low Light Combat is the only free title that comes to my mind)

This is something that Nvida should replace the card for under warranty.

I definitly don’t have a master degree in electric engineering :wink: And not sure if I am still under garantee…
I will try all your advices (unfortunatly can’t do it in the next few days…)

Thanks for you time !!

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