Graph tutorial??

Is there anyone out here ( off course there is you geniuses … ) that could put together a tutorial on how to use the graph, what stuff means and how it connects to different things?

I have to admit sitting here looking at the graphs to you guys add picture of, to explain what has been done, or how to make something is just way over my head.

I really want to learn how this works, as I have so many ideas that I could use it for, but I can’t as I don’t understand it.

What my hope and dream would be that some of you could one day sit down and make a great tutorial about how this actually works, why I am added this and that to it, how this will call this and that.

I.E the radial menu … how to add things there, what procedure we need, why and then how this is connected

This should get you started :wink:

Introduction to Blueprints (v4.8)

And for a little later on when you know what is what…

Blueprint Communications

And here’s a very cool playlist… Massive UE4 Tutorial Playlist (Pretty much encompasses all the videos on the UE4 YouTube page).

And Another… 3rd Person Game with Blueprints (pre. v4.8) BTW I followed this while using UE4 v4.10.4 without a problem. Not sure what the warning was for.

As you could probably glean from checking out Unreal’s Youtube; there is no shortage of information for those willing to learn the engine. There is a slight problem though, as I’ve been learning, ADK and UE4 are slightly different. There are a number of limitations - and it requires a lot of guesswork. I wish you all the best, mate.

You got a good list there already. I did a little collection of my own here:

Here is a tutorial for the radial menu: Tutorial/Example: Adding custom MultiUse(Radial) menu entry/action - ARK: Survival Evolved - Unreal Engine Forums

We also started a wiki to document the ark specific nodes as good as we can:

omg, so much reading and watching … so much to learn!!

Thank you so much all of you!