[Graph Script] Spawn Item on Ground

Hello !

And sry for my english, i’m french, so i accept french answers too ^^.

I have already make many thing for my mod, new items, new alphas dino etc …
But now i want add more complex things, more complex but make more possibilities !

So, i want to drop specific item on ground by event graph of blueprint class.

I have Dino like A_Character_BP, when he died, he drop fertilized egg on ground where he died.
But the drop item don’t work =/.
I know the OnDied section is good, because i can spawn this Dino again after die, but can’t drop é_è.

Here is event graph:

Where is the problem ?

Thanks for your answers.

Try checking “Override Spawn Transform”!

Hello !

No, the problem is “Get Owner”, i just delete “Get Owner” and join “Died Character” from OnDied_Event to both “Get Actor Rotation” & “Get Actor Location”.
And “The Dropped Template Override” is not necessary too for that here ^^.

Problem resolved.