Graph Pin snapping WIP

Hey all.

Here is a WIP of pin snapping that I am working on. One of the most annoying things when dealing with graphs (Blueprint, Material Editor, etc) was misclicking on pins, consequently moving the parent node, or bringing up the context menu. This eliminates the problem and makes making connections a breeze.

Video of it in action:

I am just curious to see what others think.


Quite frankly this is pretty awesome for such a small feature. I can’t even begin to imagine how much time I’d save with something like this, thinking back to how many times I’ve made simple mistakes like that. Would be really awesome if we could get this added into the engine :slight_smile:

I would definitely want this if there is a way to change the distance of snapping. Even without it though, its a great life saver. ^^

There is! :slight_smile:

Also, the snapping only occurs if the user is holding down either of the Ctrl keys while creating a connection. I’m still contemplating if this is the best approach. I’m thinking of perhaps making a key combination to toggle the snapping instead. Ctrl+Shift+S for example. As well as adding a button to the Graph UI to toggle the snapping as well.

A quick mockup of the button in PS.

Please add a Pull Request for this, this feature is awesome.

I think a button to toggle snapping would work well, or have it as an boolean option along with the PinSnapTolerance.

Pull request would probably be best.
Doubt you’d make 4.13, but perhaps 4.14.

I need this in my life. This is awesome.