graph navigation (middle mouse panning)

Minor request but it would be nice if you could customize the mouse controls for graph (blueprint/material/others) navigation. Right now to pan in the 3d view its middle mouse button, my brain just expects that to work in any graph editor but for graph editors its right click. I think middle mouse to pan in the graph editors is far more intuitive but I couldn’t find any option to change this so I assume its not available, but if I’m wrong please direct me to the appropriate option. Please consider adding this if it not available, thanks.

+100 Any orthographic view should have this option, even if its just another tick box for us to enable (like the invert MMB pan option)

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+1 why didn’t epic think about it (surprised!)

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Hello elindell,

I have written up a feature request ( UE-19325) asking for the ability to remap/assign functions associated with the mouse buttons. I have submitted this request to the developers for further consideration. Thank you for your time and information.

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Apologies in advance for resurrecting this thread :slight_smile:

I was looking for an option to use middle mouse panning inside Blueprints. This thread is the closest I have found with an official response. Any news/updates on the implementation? (The link to the feature request UE-19325 is currently private/unknown)

Some additional points on the topic:

  • RMB to Zoom instead.
  • or ALT+MMB to Pan and ALT+LMB to Zoom.
  • Set the Level Editor > Viewports > Invert Middle Mouse Pan to TRUE as Default.
  • Doing it this way makes it more consistent with most of the major DCC apps, thus helps avoid confusion when jumping between apps.
  • Or maybe provide a way for user customization for these controls.

Some AnswerHub References:


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We have finally got most of it but its not where you expect it to be - look in Graph Editors and Panning Mouse button. - we still don’t have it for orthographic views though <sigh> so close!


That is cool! I just tested the middle mouse panning in the graph editor, it works great!

Just an additional request that may be relevant to this post.

  • Also add Middle Mouse Panning options to the ff:

    • Texture Editor

    • Level Sequencer

    • Timeline Node (Created via Blueprints)

    • Curve Editor

      • Oddly, this one has Left Mouse Button for panning.

      • This is the Curve tab found in Particle Editor (Cascade)

    • Widget Blueprint

      • Currently has Middle Mouse Panning by default, which is great! But the Right Mouse Button is also doing the same thing.

      • So an option to disable the Right Mouse Button Panning would be handy.

  • Maybe just add the same Panning Mouse Buttons options for all the Editors? :smiley:

So far these are just the editors that I encountered that may need MMB panning. (I haven’t fully used all the areas of UE4)

Hello, i m new here and i m really excited to discover this engine, however i m a bit surprised of binding shortcuts, which are differents from orthographic views and persepective views. As i m thinking the orthographic view is not as important as persepective views for my learning curve, however i also wish the same shortcut for these two different views in the future. Thanks

Epic, please add MMB panning everywhere it is applicable. Thanks!

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Hello, I’m bringing this thread back to life again. I also want to use middle mouse panning for Orthographic views. Makes a lot of sense to use the same mouse button to pan orthographic and perspective views. My camera man keeps breaking out his tape measure.

I’d like that too !

There is still no option for that?

2024-04-04 14_07_41-TurboLazor - Unreal Editor

In the editor preferences.