Graph Keyboard Support

So I started with a little prototype for keyboard support for graphs such as blueprints, materials and others. I personally think this feature could really improve development time, because using a mouse is just slow sometimes and annoying. This thread is just to keep you updated and for feedback. Let me know what you think of this feature, what you would like to see and ask if you have any questions.

If you really want to stay up to date you can keep an eye on

The attachment is a gif that shows the concept.

Voicing my support, there’s too much mousing in BP’s currently for my tastes.

I was waiting for this! It looks amazing. Really waiting for news.

Totally agree and it’s annoying me!

Working on this in my spare time. Next I want you to be able to navigate to a node that is connected to a pin.

Added navigating between nodes that are linked.

+1 totally agree