Graph editor panel layout not saving with multiple monitors

I use UE4 in a dual monitor setup, where I like to have one screen dedicated solely to viewport/graph editors and the other for everything else:

In previous versions, when I moved the event graph and construction script graph editors to the top monitor, the layout would then stick like that for every blueprint I open. However, now, when I close the blueprint and open it again, this happens:

As you can see, the event graph and construction script have been reset to appear as a small panel on the bottom monitor, leaving only the viewport on the top monitor. This is super annoying, as I then have to move the graphs to the top display every time I reopen any blueprint. I’ve tried window>save layout with no success.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Is it a bug or am I just missing something obvious?

15 minutes later and I’ve solved it lol, I just swapped all the panels around so the top monitor with the viewport and graph editors is the main editor window (with the File/Edit etc. menu).

It would still be nice if I could do it the other way though, as now my tabs and File/Edit etc. menu are all the way at the top, whereas before they were right in the middle between the two displays, next to my taskbar, and super easy to reach. But I’ll live.