Granular Synthesis - Not working

Sorry if my question is very basic, this is the first time I’ve experimented with audio in unreal engine and I have barely been able to find any tutorials regarding granular synthesis. The issue is that my sound is just not playing when I start the game. Here’s an image of the blueprint for the actor with the granular synthesis component:

Could you possibly let me know what’s wrong or missing in my blueprints or direct me to some kind of document that describes how to set it up from scratch?

Thanks so much!

You need a few more nodes, and a little more setup. Granular Audio Synthesis is also a tool for slicing up an audio chunk and using those pieces in different ways. If you just want to play a sound, you can use the “Play Sound” node, or “Spawn Sound” node. Play sound will fire and forget. Spawn sound lets you save the played sound so it doesn’t have to load every time.

As for the Granular Synth, there’s this:

Hey, thanks for that, but it still doesn’t work even though I copied the blueprint exactly:

What do you think could be wrong with this? It doesn’t even play a sound when I run it…

Did you use UE5 or UE4?