Granular Synth - Mapping Playhead Time to RPM

Hi there!
I’m a bit of a novice trying to use Unreal’s granular engine for an audio project for university.
I’ve managed to map a granular synth to move it’s playhead along a clip of audio I have recorded. I’ve tried linking this up to the RPM of a vehicle on the Vehicle Advanced template that Unreal comes with, but after getting past 1st gear, the playhead does not seem to move properly with the clip of audio. I’m after the audio going to the top of the clip (the clip is a 6 second acceleration) and moving back down every time the car shifts gear, like a normal vehicle would.
I feel like I’ve missed out a parameter, or do not have the car configured the way I would like it to be.

Wondering if I could have any advice? Pics attached of the car blueprint. Car transmission is set up as default when you load up a new advanced car project.

Hey there. I can’t help you unfortunately, but do you have the pics of your car blueprint? It’s not visible here anymore it seems.