Granular Synth best for creating a sound scrubbing system?


I’m trying to create a system where I can feed in something like player (vr) motion control hand velocities and use that to scrub through a sound effect.
I notice that it seems like that could be possible with the new GranularSynth component?
This seems a little complicated and there’s a lot I would need to learn to do that so I was wondering if there’s an easier way to achieve the same effect?

Cheers, Fred

EDIT: I decided to abandon this idea in favour of a velocity stop/start + modulation system.

I’m looking for the same thing: scrubbing through an audio file. How did you achieve that? Could you please show me the nodes?

I would use a Synth Sample Player Component.

You can see me use one here on our GDC demo:

There aren’t a lot of parameters, it’s a lot simpler than the Granular Synth, but you’ll need to set yourself up with the New Audio Engine:…ck-start-guide

I ended up deciding that I could live without the scrubbing.
I have player controlled robots/mechs in VR and wanted to play through sounds like servo’s as the player moved head and arms and also change how samples sounded based on the speed of these movements.
Instead I just trigger the sounds at thresholds of angular velocities and assume the different moves’ acceleration and bake these modulations into the source clips. Basic but it seems to work ok for me.

Thanks Dan, I’ll check that video out for future endeavours!


Thank you so much for link, this seems really useful. I already played around with Granular Synth a bit, so this should be possible.

@Fredrum I went with a similar approach. I want to make a VR door with creaking angles, but I’m no longer trying to scrub. I now have a simple creaking loop and set the pitch and volume to match the door speed. I also trigger the open/close sound depending on the current angle and speed. It’s not perfect, but it does the job. Thank you for your reply!