Grand Guilds - Tactical JRPG with CCG Mechanics

Hey there! I just want to introduce the current game I’m passionately working on - Grand Guilds

Grand Guilds is a story-driven, tactical RPG with unique card combat mechanics. It’s inspired by classic SRPGs we all know and love. You and your guild will experience a memorable adventure while engaging in challenging tactical combat. Each playable character has unique mechanics and abilities that, when combined properly, will make the difference between complete victory or utter defeat.

We’re currently live on Kickstarter. If you like strategy RPGs, please check us out. Any kind of support is much appreciated!


  • Turn-Based Strategy - Learn and master the fundamentals of tactical combat. In Grand Guilds positioning, terrain, and your action points will mean the difference between victory and defeat.
  • Skill Card Combat - A diverse set of skill cards will form the abilities of your units, making every turn more dynamic and each decision more important and meaningful.
  • Deck Building - Tailor each character to your playstyle by customizing their skill decks. Obtain powerful new abilities by completing quests or leveling your characters.
  • Guild Quests - Embark on challenging, procedural missions that yield exciting rewards. Increase your guild’s reputation to earn bonuses that will aid you in combat.
  • Diverse Cast - Each playable character has unique mechanics and abilities that enable them to fill various roles in your squad such as tank, support, and damage dealer.
  • Epic Journey - Unravel the mysteries shrouding Irin, a continent on the brink of war. Follow Eliza and her companions as they journey through this vast, magical world.
  • Partial Voice Acting - Characters shout out their actions in combat and express their feelings during dialogue using short phrases.

Grand Guilds offers a unique combat experience through a skill card system. Think Fire Emblem meets Hearthstone where you move your units in a grid-based map but on top of that your skills are in the form of cards.

Each character in your party starts with a set amount of cards and they draw 1 skill card per turn. Each skill costs action points; the stronger the effects, the more action points it costs. You can then play as many of these skills as you want as long as you have enough action points.

Your characters gain experience for every successful encounter. Each level up will grant you stat points to progress your characters. Want a healer who can tank? Give them more vitality. Need your tank to deal more damage? Pump in more strength or intelligence. You can also build powerful decks to compliment their stats and your play-style. Unlock more abilities using skill points which characters acquire when they progress.

The story takes place in the continent of Irin, a war-torn realm currently under the rule of the Triton Empire. The world is currently at a period of peace; however, recent events have shown what a fragile thing peace can be. Only the magical guilds, independent organisations of remarkable people, keep the realm from tipping into chaos.

The narrative follows the life of Eliza Halfort, a member of the highly respected Lux Deus guild, and her merry band of misfits. She is a fierce young woman who stands for justice and honor, dedicated to helping her guild and friends whenever she can.

Will she be able to uphold her principles when faced with her inner demons, as they journey deeper into the harsh reality of this war-torn world?

Release Date: August 2019
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Engine: Unreal Engine 4