Grand designer, the procedural universe generator

Grand designer is a stand alone tool which allows you to create an infinity of planets, nebulae, asteroids thanks to the power of procedural noises. Using the power of your GPU, every parameter changes can be seen in realtime.
You can then export albedo, roughness, normal, ocean and clouds textures and use them in your Unreal project very easily


Controlled chaos
Create complex ground structures by using one of the thirteen noise generators, like Perlin, Voronoi, Multifractals or Billow
Combine the basic noise layer with a secondary noise layer or procedurally generated craters. Those extra details will beef up the complexity and the richness of the ground of your planet.


Natural features
Boost your productions by adding natural details like :
oceans - and tune water height, density, colors …
ice caps - and tune ice expansion, randomness, transitions smoothness, minimal and maximal level …
desert regions - and tune desert spread, randomness, edge sharpness …
clouds - and tune clouds shape, coverage, coloring, coriolis effect, twirls intensity and much more.
Add sediments taking into account the slopes and cavities of the terrain. Color them depending on the moisture level, terrain height and type. Add extra random vegetation to enrich the surface of your planet.


Colorize the world
Create endless variations of your worlds by using the intuitive color ramps editor. Store presets by categories and recall them whenever you want, it’s that easy.

Fill the void
Set a background for your planet by rendering volumetric nebulae in no time, tuning stars color, density and intensity.

Export in png, tga, dds and tiff with a resolution up to 16k x 8k with up to 64 samples per pixel. Have access to all individual layers like :
ambient occlusion
normal map
sky color and alpha

And use the different layers in unreal!

Check the teaser :

Grand designer is currently on greenlight, waiting for approval. If it fits your needs, don’t hesitate to vote for it here

Website :
Product page :
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As your thread is not a community content (gift), tool or tutorial, i move it to general section.
Good luck with your project ^^

Oh! Ok, sorry for that, and thank you :slight_smile:

Got any more procedural stuff like this for sale for making a No Man’s Sky type game…? :slight_smile:

So procedural code to generate the planet itself (atmosphere / terrain) allowing players to fly down to the surface in-game.

This seems to be the really tricky part… Dynamic terrains / landscapes, blending from planet (universe) to Atmosphere to Surface etc…

Hey Ignishot - Just saw this on twitter and I am really excited for it.

That said I Upvoted it on Greenlight :slight_smile:

Is there anyway I can get my hands on this software sooner?

@franktech : This software has another approach than No Man’s sky as it generates only textures (Albedo, normal, roughness, heightmap ans sky and cloud) and is not made to generate geometry or textures on the fly. It’s more about having nice planets seen from far away … it’s still possible to fly on the surface, but it’s not really made for it as the 16k x 8k resolution is somewhat limited for that usage. In the future, I may add higher resolution textures by allowing splitting the sphere surface in several pieces, but it’s not yet available.
@HeadClot : Thank you for the vote, the product is still in beta for the moment and not yet available. I’m not promising anything right now but I’m studying possibilities of early access.

Funny we were just talking about No Man’s Sky. At least it is a step in that direction. I hope some good space 4X game comes of this. :slight_smile:

There is now a gallery of planets generated with Grand Designer online, you can enjoy them in their full glory!

Check it here : sketchfab

And please, support the greenlight project here

Currently on a 2011 macbook, and the chrome browser went very laggy when i tried to load the black magma one.

Would it be possible to import images for the planet surface, maybe even from Google Earth? Is the general scope for animations, or can the output be tweaked for performance? ps. would beta test …

Looks excellent - very useful in saving time for those working on space based projects.


I’m working on the import of heightmap as a base before applying noise, craters, etc … so expect to see more in a future update.

The software is quite demanding on the GPU side, especially when you try to render on higher resolution … so if you have already some problems viewing the sketchlab model, it may be a problem. But I definitely have to make further tests on lower end machines to validate everything. This make me seriously think about a demo version of the software for people to try out the performances side before buying a commercial version.

The scope of the software is to generate textures to use in another engine/renderer … So this may be used for realtime/games as well as renders in maya, max, blender … and the textures set can be minimal (diffuse/normal) up to a full set (diffuse/normal/roughness/water/clouds) with resolutions from 1024 x 512 up to 16k x 8k

@GunnerAU Thanks!

Are you released on steam?