Graffiti Maker [In-Game Custom Graffiti Maker] Available NOW

Greetings amazing community,
Based on a system I made and used on my own game (Hardcore Parkour), I have decided to share this system with all UE4 developers.

Video Showcase:

Marketplace Link:…graffiti-maker

Graffiti Maker is a custom in-game graffiti creation tool, allowing players to create in-game graffiti whenever and wherever they please.
It contains both a spray paint and text generator, with it the player can freely draw or make a text graffiti based on a text input. It allows players to edit their graffiti (text, rotation, scale, brush and color) or erase it at anytime.

As a game designer you are exposed to the Blueprint logic behind this system, so you can change it or add new features to it (ex: adding new colors or fonts).