Graffiti Bridge Arch

Project details
This is my new small project I am working to take a break from a long term project I have been working on. On this other project I have been learning some of the more advanced areas of UE4, but need a break as it’s all I’ve seen for the last month or so. I will be posting to the thread as I progress (planning this to be every few days, but may turn into at the end of stages). The project is to create a diorama of a small scene based on a cool scene I recently saw in a video (see video below - it’s only a few seconds at the 1:24 mark).

To do list

  • Collect reference materials
  • Blockout (Maya)
  • Texture tests UE4 (will be comparing some techniques for Albedo creation) - done for some materials. may do some more as modelling progresses
  • Low poly modelling (Maya) - underway
  • High poly/detail modelling (Maya)
  • Baking maps (xNormal or maybe Knald (will be doing some comparison work here))
  • UVing (Maya)
  • Texturing (Quixel Suite (where needed))
  • Renders (UE4 (maybe some in 3DO too))

Update #1

I’ve spent most of today collecting reference material and working on the block out which is mostly done now.

Some examples of collected reference

Progress on the block out

And a quick test in UE4 for scale/size

Update #2

I was able to make a small bit of progress yesterday on testing some brick textures for the main arch. I started out by picking a few of the reference images I have that best show the detail of the brick and putting them together in one Photoshop document. I then went through my texture library looking for assets which match closely in brick size and colour to the reference.

From the 6 textures I picked out I made some comparisons to the reference and then narrowed it down to 3 textures which I then took into UE to develop further

All of these textures were from, and I have followed their workflow conversion tool and used the template material for UE they provide. I have added some extras to the material to make it more useful for these tests and also to get the style I am looking to achieve.

This is the master material from which I have created instances for each of the three test materials. Through the use of parameters I am able to turn on features (such as colour overlay to match the reference) and control strengths of these features (such as how intense the overlay colour is)

I was most happy with the results for final texture and material I created, so just as another quick test for visuals, I applied some graffiti decals to a larger mesh to get an idea of how the brick texture will show through when the graffiti paint is added.

Update #3

I have spent some time working up dome texture comparisons for different types of wood that i may want to use for the wood.

During this time I have spent some time looking at different methods for creating albedo maps and wrote this up on my blog.

I’ve also complete the final work on block out and started to add some final geometry. I have reworked the arch to better match the reference and will make it easier to texture the bricks which do not follow the perfect horizontal pattern, and also done quite a lot of work on the metal part at the top.