Graduate Student Project Requiring Assistance

Hello all,

I am posting in this forum in hopes that someone will be able to help me contact the teams or individuals that manage the various instructional materials for the Unreal Engine.

The reason for this is that I am a Graduate Student in UNCW’s Master of Science in Instructional Technology program working on my Capstone project which requires me to have a “client” for my project. While I do not yet know the specific role or tasks of the “client” I can infer from the documents given to me that they will mainly just give direction in what they desire to receive from my project and to provide a review of the finished product. As the title of my program implies, I am an Instructional Designer so the focus on my project would be the instructional materials for the Unreal Engine.

My current idea for the project is to produce a new and improved instructional design product or template of the instructional materials for the Unreal Engine. This will involve the usage of user-controlled eLearning modules that will include interactions, practices, text, and images but can also include video and audio for the final product. While this is my current idea I am open to a complete change of the project if I get a “client” that requests a change in my project so that the final product will better benefit their needs.

If anyone can help me with this please let me know as soon as possible as I am on a semi-tight schedule in order to get my capstone completed by the end of next Spring. You can get in touch with me either by responding to this thread or sending me a private message. Thank you for your time and considerations.