Graduate Level Designer and Technical Enivornment Artist


My name is George,I recently graduated from Bournemouth University where I was a student of Computer Visualisation and Animation at the NCCA.
I do level design, environment art, modelling, texturing, lighting, scripting and effects. I did freelance work alongside my studies.

I am primarily looking for paid work, and would embrace the opportunity to join an existing studio.

CV and Contact Details

CV and Contact Details

Thank you!

I’m still looking for work!

Still looking!

Just a couple of fun little doodles that took two hours each! Bump!

Hello would you have Skype to communicate quicker?

I need someone to help me do levels. I have some assets I bought. I don’t know how to set up proper source control so we would use a Dropbox that I set up with a dummy email that I created for this specific purpose. I am not rich so I can pay a flat monthly rate. I know it won’t be much but I’m sorry as I’m a college student and I’m about to lose a major source of my income. Please reply if you’re interested