Gradually porting project to 5


At a loss with UE project made with 4.26.2. I tried to port it to latest version but most blueprints, menu system (Menu System Pro) and save system (Rama) don’t work. Its closer to starting the entire project from scratch.

Is porting to latest UE more compatible if one does it gradually for example by porting to 4.27 > 5.0 > 5.2? The biggest hurdle probably is in 4.27 > 5?

All tips are welcome as there really is no way to functionally port from 4.26 to 5.2.

Not at all, 4 to 5 is more of a marketing move than change in code.
You can just jump from 4.26.2 to 5.2, You will get the same errors or less you would when slowly upgrading from version to version. Blueprints will break, that’s what they are good at. If there is no documentation on the plugins on how to update from A to B then you will have to solve it yourself. If you are comfortable with it and if the plugins have a c++ version then I suggest moving as much to c++ as possible to prevent future blueprint nightmares.


Thanks. Its a very blueprint driven project so I’ll just have to grind through it I guess.

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