Gradual rising of a cube

Hi guys,
I’ve recently gotten into Unreal 4 and trying to learn how to play around with it. The objective of what I want to do with my blue print is when I right click once on a cube in the scene(CubeMesh) the light parented to the cube will turn red and the cube will gradually rise up. So far the closest I’ve got is in the screenshot which requires me to hold the right mouse button in order to get the gradually rising effect.

       I was wondering if anyone might have an idea to what I'm doing wrong with my blueprint currently. Thank you for any assistance rendered : ) 

Thank you
Gann Boon Bay

have you considered using a timeline?, you could use one to drive a float value witch sets the cubes height making your cube rise by playing the timeline on button pressed and then play it in reverse it when you release the button to make the cube lower to its original position, although that’s just an idea:).


Timelines are mad sick yo’.

Agreed, timeline sounds like the right way to go about it, or you could just set a variable for the height you want it to get to and then increment its current height per tick until it reaches there without using a timeline if you really wanted.

Got it to work with the timeline node, thanks guys!