Gradle and plugins

I have some issues when I want to add some Gradle plugins for Android. For example, I want to use this plugin: I added apply plugin: ‘’ to <buildGradleAdditions> block that will put all my code inside <buildGradleAdditions> block to buildAdditions.gradle file. BuildAdditions.gradle will be used in main build.gradle because of line apply from: ‘buildAdditions.gradle’. But that’s the reason of issue as we cannot use plugins inside buildAdditions.gradle as it was connected using ‘apply from: file’. I’ve found a couple of relevant issues. You can see one example on…adle-file/7508 . Looks like it cannot be easily done. But I solved this issue by modifying engine source code and main build.gradle file.
What I’ve done:
I remove line apply from: ‘buildAdditions.gradle’ in build.gradle file and modify UEDeployAndroid.cs to write all content of buildAdditions.gradle file on top of build.gradle file.
I think you should consider my approach and make similar changes inside Engine sources. I can provide diff of necessary files if you need.

Thank you.