Grabbing Raw Audio Data (Continued from 'Question about Audio Source Settings')

Upon suggestion, I posted this here from this thread in Content Creation

In my project, I wanted to have the ability to “record” silent audio. Only real world example I can think of would be something like EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena), where the person would record the sound, and play back and hear voices they couldn’t hear naturally. I was able to simulate this sort of within Unity, but trying to see how UE4 compares, I would like to know if the API exists in UE4 to do something similar.

Breaking down how I did it in Unity, when creating an audio source, you assign it a sound file and specify whether it plays at start, loops, is mute, etc. I would assign a sound file to that emitter, have it muted, but loop it at start. This would keep the player from hearing anything, but it would still be playing continuously. Unity had two API calls, SetData and GetOutputData that was access the raw wave file. When the player was in range of the source, and the player started recording with their device, I called GetOutputData which started capturing the raw data from that wave file at that point in time. It would get streamed into a dynamic array until the player stopped. The I used SetData to construct an audio clip from that data that would play from a second sound source on the players device (one that wasn’t muted). I liked this because you never knew what you would hear as it’s dependent on when you started recording or within range of what source. (I hope that explanation made sense)

Looking through the Engine API, I’m not sure if any of the sound methods even work like that. The closest I can see is perhaps the last few listed in this documentation. I’m not an extremely proficient C++ coder, and given the nature of UE4 being more complex than the scripting nature of Unity, I have no idea what this entitles.

What am I looking at here? Does UE4 give me access to stuff like that?