Grabbing ledges?

I want to put a heave/climb function into my game. I’m talking about the bits where you have to climb into a vent I’m going to provide a example from mirrors edge even tough it was made in a different engine it can be done in unreal (It was in bioshock infinte) If anyone could help with this or provide a tutorial that would be great =)5a203be0b46da7c00e6a09e8e062e1a29986f416.jpeg

If you google around you can find plenty of tutorials on this and even a few threads on this same forum about it. Good luck!

I once downloaded a ledge grabbing project from these very forums, took a while to find at the time but worked great…have a hunt

you can have a look in here

I am also working on my own version of a ledge climb system Not done yet