Grabbing gun/object in VR - left/right hand


I have some questions connected with grabbing an object in VR. I tried to modified one project which is available on marketplace - VRGunToolkit. That package has Vive controllers as a hand and I wanted to swap these with hands and animations which are available in free unreal content (skeletal mesh). It took me a while to make it happen. I almost finished that but still have one problem.
When I try to grab the object/a gun using right hand it works perfectly. But when I try to use my left controller/hand the object is rotated 180 degrees. I believe something is connected with spawn hand and scale 3D function but can’t fix that. I tried to use different combination and didn’t work.

There is also a physic grab which gives you correct weapon position in hand but every time when you move the controller very quick the object is moving and it doesn’t look good (attached picture). So either there is option how to turn on the moving option in physics or fix the object rotation while using hard attach to hand.

Thank you for any help given. I’m pretty new in that “business” so forgive me mistakes or not clear understanding/explanation the problem I have. Hope you can help me to fix the issue is.