Grabbing A skeletal mesh

Hi! Very new to being a dev since normally I just create assets and what not but really wanted to grow and make some own demos of my own!

So the problem I’m having (or if it’s not even supposed to work this way, do tell me!) is that I want to create a VR experience, mostly for fun that has animation on some objects that you can grab.
I started with a tutorial on how to implement some animation from a maya project that has some pretty standard animations. I imported it all correctly, it all animates, its all there - but when I convert it to something grabbable in VR, from what I understand is that you have to enable physics on that object. OK. easy. Thats one click!

Uh oh…

well, now the object just explodes when I start in VR because of the bones are colliding with each other, animation never plays, and yeah… just a mess! I did, however, manage to grab a PIECE of the object that exploded in front of me… Yay?

So basically, is THERE a way to grab an animated object in VR? If it has to have physics enabled, then how can I get that whole actor as a whole? Or how do I make it just not explode and continue the animation without the ‘physics’ checkbox ruining it all? Is there another way to animate objects and bring them in unreal so I can grab? Again, pretty new at dev work so I just need help pointed in the right direction! Thanks!!

Follow up: I figured a workaround for this! Basically… parent or attach (forgot the terminology) the skeletal mesh to an object that has physics and bam, can grab! That object could have an animation even attached to it as well for when different animations play based on grab or not (again, another easy work around and not really the “right” way to do it) but ayyyy works~!