Grabbed physics handle creates "dangling" object

Hey all,

I started implementing and interactive pick up blueprint starting from the default First Person template for a C++ Project. I altered my default MyCharacter blueprint in that project to mimic the variables and functions in the Content Examples character blueprint. I did this because I was looking for the style of pick up that exists in the Physics Level of the Content Examples (where you can pick up and item and it is pulled towards you and then just sort of floats in the air in front of you without changing rotation, although it does still collide with other objects but snaps back into place). My blueprint matches the event graph, grab object, drop object, and update physics handle functions that are in the content example (got my idea from here:

When I try running this blueprint, I can pick up the tagged items just fine, however, the items “hang” from the physics handle that I grab and then swing underneath my cursor. See the example video here:

I tried setting simulate physics to false on the item I am picking up, but that prevents me from picking it up at all.

Can someone help point me to the portion of the script that would be holding the object in place (as in the content examples) or tell me what data I may be missing?

Unfortunately, I do not have access to my blueprint at the moment but I can probably attach some pictures or the direct BP asset later tonight if it helps.

Thanks everyone! Hopefully we can get this worked out.

As it turns out, this was a pretty simple solution. On the Grab Component function, you can set the rotation of the grabbed object to be constant. It is a simple check box, and I have no clue how I missed it.

Thank you for your answer!