Grab ragdoll without offset?

So, I currently have a system in place that allows me to grab ragdolls and drag them around. This works well enough if the player grabs the ragdoll from a standing position, but if the player grabs from a crouched position and then stands UP, then the ragdoll shoots up over the player character’s head. I believe this has something to do with setting the inverse transform on the physics handle’s grab location after the grab process, which seems to add an offset to the ragdoll in relation to the player and it’s physics handle (whose target is set to a grab component) on ‘grab’. Unfortunately, what I’d like to do is snap said joint to the grab component without the offset. Is there a way to do this?

Here’s a screenshot of the blueprint I’m using if that’s any help at all… Thanks in advance!

So I figured out the problem, my ‘grab component’ was parented to the chest bone of my character and was rotating downward when crouching, this created an offset from the grab component to the ragdoll which, when standing up ended up over my head. ‘Solved’ the problem by just using the camera as my physics handle’s location from here on out, the result isn’t exactly what I wanted, but is much more consistent.